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About Me

When it comes to loving nature, animals, and wildlife, I definitely one of those people. I grew up on a farm in Southern Ontario and developed a strong love for animals at a very young age. My family had all sorts of animals, from horses and cows to chickens and rabbits, and I loved them all. Even though I don't live on a farm anymore, I still feel a strong connection to animals and the natural world around me. I keep this connection through my art work. I love spending time outdoors, whether its hiking in the woods or just relaxing on the patio looking over the lake. I do enjoys watching the animals that live around me and often taking photos of them.

My Gardens


Over the years I loved to garden and I always had large vegetable garden. with a particular love for flowers. In my garden, I grew a variety of flowers, but some of my favourites are dahlias, zinnias and roses but really to many to list. I began gardening when I was very young. I would help my mom in the garden, and soon developed my own passion for it. When I was old enough, I started my own garden, on my own farm and it quickly became my favourite place to be. In my garden, I could forget about the of the world around me and enjoy the beauty of it all.


My Greatest Inspiration My Garden.

Some of my gardens.